Please Don’t Let This Be Her!

Hi there…this first post of my new blog is set to coincide with the release of my new book, “Please Don’t Let This Be Her!” It’s the account of my venture into cyberspace to find love. Now usually I don’t laugh at my own writing, whether it be a book or my stand up comedy routine. But this book is different; I can read it a hundred times and still laugh out loud. Although my experiences on internet dating were often painful and frustrating, I learned more than I could have imagined. You often hear the phrase, “You could not write this stuff.” Well, I did, and what I realized most of all about people is that we all have our flaws and eccentricities, yet there is someone out there for all of us. Though I am no longer a player at online dating, my blog will feature my musings not only about love and relationships, but also the foibles of everyday life which give us all a reason to laugh at our humanity. I look forward to sharing all of these thoughts with you and hope to hear your comments and questions.  Thanks!

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